Strategic Planning and Consulting Services

It’s all about Growth: Our Consulting Services help you plan for tomorrow.

We are a new breed of management consultants who bring innovative and creative ideas to organizations that want to improve the way they do business.

Using our proprietary VSE Process™  we combine strategy + analysis with design + creativity to deliver world-class planning and facilitation services to your executive team.

Our services are designed to bring clarity to planning for the future as well as managing the day-to-day.

I. Planning for the Long and Short Term:

We leverage your time by providing the Strategic Link – allowing you to think and act strategically without ignoring the important work of running your day-to-day business. MLC works with both executive and functional teams within your organization to bring clarity to the management and business issues you face.

II. Planning for the Day-to-Day:

How well an organization manages itself on a daily basis can be a huge competitive differentiator. You have to effectively use your “people, process, and place” to efficiently implement strategic and tactical plans. This is the only way to respond quickly and effectively when your competitive environment changes, and is critical for short and long-term success. Our management consulting services bring clarity to running your day-to-day business.

Strategic Planning Services – Strategies for Growth

Need a Strategic and/ or Tactical Plan – but don’t have the time or the framework to put one together? Need help organizing and leading a Strategic Offsite for your organization? MLC works with both executive and functional teams within your organization to bring clarity to the management and business issues you face.

We specialize in delivering world-class facilitation services for your executive team to develop an innovative and nimble strategic plan. We leverage your time by providing the Strategic Link – allowing you to think and act strategically without ignoring the important work of running your day-to-day business.

Our proprietary VSE Process helps:

  • Uncover missing and innovative information about your company
  • Organize and deliver information in manageable formats, which allow for both study and analysis
  • Define and state the problems and issues you are facing
  • Brainstorm new ideas and solutions to current challenges you face
  • Develop and prioritize important initiatives
  • Determine the strategies that will be most successful for your organization given its size, management style and culture

Using our VSE Process, we assimilate this data into a “living tactical plan” by breaking it down into specific and measurable short term actions and then provide accountability and change management for the team as the year progresses – making sure that results are measured and you deliver on your execution plan.

Acquisition Services – Implementing Growth

Most company’s are very interested in Growth. However, In today’s rapidly changing economy, it’s imperative for all businesses to have a strong Strategic Framework with which to design and manage Vision for Growth as well as to navigate constant change. The role of the CSO has evolved into a very critical and important executive position. Many companies need the skills of a world-class CSO – just not full time. The MLC Group provides experienced strategists on a part time basis for companies to ensure that businesses of all sizes both plan and implement their Strategic and Acquisition plans using the best resources, business solutions and processes. We customize our processes and services to meet your company’s size and needs.

Facilities Planning Services – Housing and Accommodating Growth

Real estate and facilities cost are the second highest expense of the organization behind personnel. As you grow, having a sound strategic real estate management plan can save an organization time and money. We help companies develop a global strategy for real estate management, facilities design and construction and operations and risk management. We work with them to develop a framework of comprehensive systems, processes and tools to:

  • Streamline decision-making
  • Enhance projections and budgeting
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction
  • Manage costs
  • Provide a framework for operations innovation.

We bring clarity to your facilities concerns and issues.

III. Other Services to Enhance your business:

Process Development and Management Services

To execute well on your plan, systems and processes within your company must be effective. Do you have an enterprise-wide model that focuses on process? Do you have a business challenge or system failure you can’t seem to solve? Do you have a functional area such as finance, IT, sales, or customer service that is breaking down? The MLC Group can help focus on the issues and determine solutions through process development, improvement and/ or re-design.

Organizational Effectiveness Services

To execute well on your plan, your people need to be using the right talents in the right places. They need to be well versed in their role in implementing the strategic plan of the company and in creating ideal client and customer experience on a daily basis. In addition, they need to know how to communicate, manage and perform their role when integrating change in the organization. The MLC Group can bring clarity to your organization’s effectiveness to create a distinct competitive advantage.

Facilities Effectiveness Services

Your facilities have a huge impact on both organizational effectiveness and your client or customer experience. The MLC Group can help you gain clarity around leveraging your real estate assets to:

  • Improve workflow and operational efficiency.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.
  • Create high performance environments that uniquely define you in the marketplace.

Training Services

  • Want your team to know more about strategic and tactical business planning?
  • Want to understand the essential components of teamwork and how to work more effectively together?
  • Want to train your team on incorporating more effective processes into your business model?
  • Want to implement “Innovation and creative thinking” into the culture of your business?

Our training workshops bring clarity to important areas of your business, helping move your leaders and teams to new levels of communication, planning, and problem solving.

Executive Business Coaching Services

It’s lonely at the top. Management of an organization can be a tough role – especially during volatile market conditions. We provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere in which to share concerns, brainstorm issues and be an accountability and thought partner. The MLC Group has extensive experience in coaching executive leadership in a wide variety of organizations. We bring clarity to your business and leadership concerns.

Keynote Speaking Services

Are you looking for clarity and value in a speaking presentation? We offer informative and engaging presentations on a variety of topics relevant to the business community. Our breadth and depth of experience provides us with a comprehensive speaking portfolio. We design and customize our presentations to inform and add value with a wealth of practical and innovative solutions that bring clarity to real life business issues.

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