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We are Problem Seekers.

We help you solve your problems today.

Before you begin planning for Growth, you need to assess your current state. There may be some problems to be solved today. It’s important to find the true source of an issue within an organization in order to understand how to creatively and innovatively develop the best solution. The MLC Group uses our proprietary VSE Process™ – a diagnostic tool that allows us to quickly and comprehensively define problems, develop solutions, as well as reveal opportunities to increase business value and organizational efficiencies.

We bring clarity and drive growth by efficiently identifying areas for improvement, saving our clients both time and money.

Here are some common issues that we help organizations solve:


  • You need help refocusing your business after losses suffered in the economic downturn.
  • You have a problem you can’t seem to solve.
  • You have a great idea and just can’t get the bandwidth from your team to develop and implement it.


  • You need to re-visit your business strategy or develop new underlying assumptions in light of recent changes in the economy, competition, or leadership.
  • You want a clear and well-defined plan for growing your business over the next three years but you don’t have internal resources and time to put it together.
  • You want an objective partner to join your team and facilitate a systematic process to develop your corporate vision, define the strategy, and help you deliver on executing the plan.


  • You need to understand the impact of recent management changes to corporate systems and operations and how to realign them into a profitable and efficient framework.
  • You want to assess where you should outsource services versus using in-house resources.
  • You want to understand how to leverage innovation and technology to optimize operations.

Marketing and Sales

  • You need help understanding your customer in today’s market and potential changes in buying patterns.
  • You want to know how to communicate to your client what differentiates you from your competitors.
  • You want to determine if your portfolio of services and products should be realigned to sustain future growth and profitability.


  • You need to evaluate your current financial condition and ways to optimize cash flow.
  • You need to analyze your overall business and how to maximize corporate value.
  • You want to understand what short term decisions can help your current cash flow while thinking innovatively about your long-term vision.


You want to identify how to use sustainable practices to:

  • Reduce expenses within the company.
  • Attract socially-conscious clients and internal talent.

Innovation & Creativity

You want to develop a framework to:

  • Engage all people in your company in the process of innovation and creativity.
  • Capture and analyze innovative ideas and assess feasibility of Implementation.
  • Develop benchmarks and measure results of implementation.
  • Monitor and manage processes for continual improvement.

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MLC is an excellent facilitator - they listen and are exceptional at discerning the core issues...

Judy EpiscopoDirector, Appleton Alliance Church

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