Innovation and Creative Thinking Workshops

We help you go beyond your current state to a new level of Innovation and Creative Thinking.

Our new Comprehensive Creativity™ Workshop answers the question CEO’s and their leadership teams are asking:

How do we innovate within our organization?

Innovation and Creative Thinking are the buzzwords spoken in offices around the world – but bringing these qualities into an organization can be a daunting task. The MLC Group has developed a framework that blends the “Art of Creative Thinking” into the culture and business processes of organizations, making it a part of their DNA.

The MLC Group’s new Comprehensive CreativityTM model brings innovative thinking into an organization at multiple levels. They work with key teams to both teach and apply creative thinking techniques in their daily work.

“What’s Unique?”

Training seminars on innovation and creativity have limitations. Leaders get back to the office and are inundated with the daily issues of running a business. They don’t have the time to begin to bring this new way of thinking to a group that has not had the experience. Sending the whole company to the seminar can be time consuming and expensive. With CCM, The MLC Group offers a custom program designed to drive innovation and creativity from both the top down and bottom up. We literally become part of your team, helping to teach and apply these critical tools throughout the entire organization. As always, we provide our services for a reasonable cost, a pillar of our company’s value proposition.

 VSE Creative Thinking Process

  • Uses customized graphic facilitation and visual thinking tools
  • Stimulates creative thinking for the whole team
  • Identifies common theme exploration and problem definition
  • Examines & experiments with options and outcomes
  • Designs solutions from ideas generated
  • Performs feasibility analysis for solutions
  • Develops idea portfolios
  • Utilizes the VSE Execution Dashboard

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What our Clients are Saying:

MLC completed in one afternoon what a national consulting firm took 2 months and 200K to accomplish...

Senior Executive, Craftworks

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