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MLC Group on Consulting: Best Practices for a World Class Consulting Arrangement

What is a world-class consulting arrangement and why is it important? In order to answer that question, let’s review consulting arrangements in general.

Growth Through Innovation: Preparing Companies for the Changing Business World
Is your company prepared? Whether you are Google or the local gas station on the corner, innovation and collaboration are necessity in the “new” marketplace. How have you positioned your company to manage these developments?

Highly Effective Teams: 7 Building Blocks to Improving Your Performance
What do the names Lombardi, Wooden, Coach K. and Smith all bring to mind? Successful coaches. These coaches accomplished great things by recruiting and developing good talent, building consistent training models, and delivering high quality performance for their schools and professional franchises.

Navigating Change: 20 Tips for Navigating Change in Business
Organizations and people resist change. Change is hard. Change is scary. Change, however, can be good. It is necessary in this business climate that organizations be open and adaptable to change. Below are 20 tips to help you as you implement new strategies to communicate the process, receive feedback, and present change as making a positive impact on the organization and its employees.


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