"I have known Melanie for a few years and have worked with her on several occasions. She is an intuitive, ethical, pragmatic, strategic and professional individual. During the times that I have worked with her on projects, I was very confident of her approach and her skills in identifying critical issues and providing our clients with realistic solutions. Her penchant for coaching entrepreneurs is second to none. She has the passion, the drive and the knowledge to advocate for the client, while her creativity in problem solving never ceases to amaze me. With Melanie’s foray into entrepreneurship with The MLC Group, she will be a dynamic leader, a true value-added asset in the business community and an excellent advisor to any business that needs her services. I had a collaborative, reliable and dependable partner in Melanie, and I am certain that any business associate/client that has the good fortune of working with her will benefit from that same experience as well."

Jothi Nedugandi
President, Competitive Infosearch

"I met Melanie in 1988 when she joined Potomac Partners, the management-consulting firm I founded. Over the next eight years of working together, I found Melanie to be loyal, diligent, extremely resourceful and passionate. I knew she cared about our firm as much as I did, and did everything that she could to provide me with the financial, legal, and organizational advice I needed to lead and make wise decisions. Melanie worked with me as I started three separate businesses, including a rollup of eight Internet consulting firms in an initial public offering.

I could always rely on Melanie to get the job done- no matter what it took. She brought a positive outlook, innovative thinking and encouragement to our team. I consider Melanie a valued business associate and friend and would highly recommend her services."

James Corey
CEO, Blue Ridge Partners LLC


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MLC is an excellent advisory consultancy - a collaborative, reliable and dependable partner. ...

Jothi NedugandiPresident, Competitive Infosearch

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