MLC brings to the table a lot of qualities that help enable the process of strategic planning. Without a facilitator you tend to wander. The MLC Group keeps you focused - brings enthusiasm to the process. I recommend The MLC Group to anyone who is looking to put some "meat" if you will around their strategic plan - a plan that everyone can embrace and engage with to meet the goals of the organization. The clarity the MLC Group brought to us was a better understanding of who we are and where we want to be. They gave us a very specific action plan to achieve our goals for the organization.

Dave Parsons
President, AAA Carolinas

The MLC Group has been tremendous for me as Executive Director of the Harvest Center. It would be very hard for me to imagine where we would be without the help of the MLC Group. They were able to come in at a critical point of the life of our organization and help us navigate difficult waters and give definition to our organization and where we were going. The organization has been around for 20 years - but there had never been a strategic plan. They helped us get definition and clarity around our Vision and where we were going long term. They have been fantastic.

Stephen Smith
Executive Director, The Harvest Center


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I value MLC's visionary skills and the solid, thoughtful strategies they bring to business planning...

Tom HirschCEO, The Hirsch Group

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