Global Corporation: International Security & Risk Management Strategy

Global Corporation: International Security & Risk Management Strategy

A large publicly traded international firm was experiencing security issues at many of its sites. One involved a threat and significant loss of inventory related to a strategic project. As they began to look at areas of risk around the business, they realized that their lack of a global security and risk management program placed them in a vulnerable position.


MLC met with leadership and a team was identified to develop a global risk management policy for the company. Through a comprehensive facilitation process, we helped them identify potential areas of risk for their people and material assets. It was determined that formal Security & Risk Management Procedures would be developed. A training program was needed which including testing to insure that the appropriate teams would know how to prepare and respond to future threats.

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Working with key leaders across the company, security specialists were brought in to develop a global standard for security and surveillance for all offices and manufacturing sites. A model on site security team was developed to determine key policies & procedures for security access, inventory control, shipping, receiving based on component and product value. Goals were established based on the threat level and material value. In addition, comprehensive risk assessments for potential threats were analyzed and security and emergency procedures were developed to insure safety of corporate employees, visitors, and assets.


A VSE Leadership Dashboard Plan was developed to implement the Global Risk Management and Security policy and procedures worldwide. This included comprehensive testing, complete with vetting and approval cycles, training and deployment of the site security staff and logistics, operations and management teams.

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