Leveraging Technology: Integrate New Business Culture & Operations Model

Leveraging Technology: Integrate New Business Culture & Operations Model

A $200 million global services firm was spun-off by its parent. It had a strong management in all functional areas of the company except for finance, which had been managed by the parent group. They needed to build a financial framework specifically for their industry, implement CRM software to leverage internal information flow, hire and train new staff and develop a formal Management and Operations Manual for their enterprise.


MLC met with leadership and discussed their prior way of managing the businesses under the parentʼs umbrella. It had been a haphazard process because the parents software was older and not specific to their industries project management needs. A world class Vision for their financial model was developed including client management, project management, internal financial data, etc. In addition, objectives were set to formalize best practices across all areas of the business. They wanted to use this opportunity to make
appropriate changes and customize their way of doing business while building a new culture of innovation within the company.


MLC gathered background data through comprehensive questionnaires and interviews with leadership and project managers to gain a thorough understanding of the information needed to manage the business using best practices for themselves and their clients. Project processes were analyzed, client information needs were reviewed, work flow was charted and benchmarks for understanding and managing the business were identified. Working with technology specialists, an Oracle software product was identified that would meet all the needs of the enterprise as well as grow with it in the future which included:

  • CRM Analytics Functional dashboards and embedded analytics
  • Comprehensive document management system combined with historical performance metrics
  • Best project accounting solution to capture multiple levels of costs (actuals, overhead, and allocated)
  • Best project accounting solution to capture multiple levels of costs (actuals, overhead, and allocated)
  • Integrated pipeline, sales, backlog, current projects, payment history, and account profitability data
  • Streamlined forecasting and staffing based on comprehensive view of resources and capacity
  • Centralized enterprise competence model to store skills, experience, certifications, and availability.


A VSE Leadership Dashboard was developed to manage implementation of the Management and Operations Manual as well as the customization and installation of the Oracle system. Training programs integrating the new culture , operations model, and technology were held across the company. Within six months of beginning the project, the client was operational with a innovative management and operations culture, a new finance division, and world -class software to better manage their client work, their people and their business.

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