VSE Workshop

The VSE Creative Thinking Workshop

What will you do NOW to transform your organization into one that innovates and strategically positions itself in the “new marketplace?”

The VSE Idea Generation Workshop is a half or full-day work session designed to “capture the creativity within your organization” and jump-start the development of a strategic business model that is innovative, creative and sustainable. The MLC Group leads first with creativity and design as a way to help companies improve and grow.

VSE Creative Thinking Process

  • Uses customized graphic facilitation and visual thinking tools
  • Stimulates creative thinking for the whole team
  • Identifies common theme exploration and problem definition
  • Examines & experiments with options and outcomes
  • Designs solutions from ideas generated
  • Performs feasibility analysis for solutions
  • Develops idea portfolios
  • Utilizes the VSE Execution Dashboard

Benefits/ Results

  • Experience a new way of thinking about business and customers
  • Develop Creative Thinking Skills as a first step to business transformation
  • Develop Innovation Team and Process
  • Generate New Ideas Portfolio by Team
  • Implementation Portfolio – the VSE Execution Dashboard
  • Team Collaboration and Bonding
  • Renewed interest and energy in growing business
  • Jump Start to Strategic Business Model

We are a new breed of business strategists – The Idea Entrepreneur – one that combines strategy and analysis with creativity and design. We bring a new way of thinking to the New Economy. It can’t be business as usual.

Do you need new ideas? Do you want innovation in your business?

Let us help you transform your organization.

Contact us to design a VSE Creative Thinking Workshop for your team.

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What our Clients are Saying:

The MLC Group were like surgeons - they walked us through a fantastic strategic planning process...

Stephen SmithExecutive Director, The Harvest Center

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