VSE Process

The VSE ProcessTM is a comprehensive planning and problem-solving methodology that focuses on three key elements – Vision, Strategy and Execution. It provides a framework for defining and communicating the corporate vision, translating the vision into strategic goals, leading to a series of tactical programs or projects that are completed over time.

  • Vision answers the question “Where do we want to be?” and begins with an understanding of “who we are, and why are we here?”
  • Strategy answers the question “How will we get there?” It begins with an understanding of the current state of the organization to determine where the gaps occur between “where we are and where we want to be.”
  • Execution answers the question “What do we do to get there, when and how long will it take.” It defines strategy in terms of tactical action, resources and deadlines.

Our Proprietary VSE Process Helps:

  • Uncover missing and innovative information about your company.
  • Organize and deliver information in manageable formats, which allow for both study and analysis.
  • Define and state the problems and issues you are facing.
  • Brainstorm new ideas and solutions to current challenges you face.
  • Develop and prioritize important initiatives.
  • Determine the strategies that will be most successful for your organization given its size, management style and culture.

Many organizations complete strategic plans, very few are successful in implementation.  Our VSE Process provides the tools and accountability systems to ensure that plans are well executed.

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The clarity that MLC brought to us was a better understanding of who we are and who we want to be...

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