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We are Planners and Strategists.
We are Creative Thinkers.
We are Problem Seekers.
We are Idea Entrepreneurs.

Our experience in strategic and tactical planning, global operations, process improvement, financial management, and design thinking in addition to our proprietary VSE Process™ enable us to develop and implement solutions for building high performance organizations.

The MLC Group: Because business needs clarity.

We are planners and design thinkers.

Designing a successful future for your business requires a clear roadmap. We provide the focus and clarity necessary to define and design your vision as well as develop the right strategies, creating a customized plan for you to reach your goals.

“Planning requires more than just knowledge of the process. As part of our “design thinking” process, we take into account the different disciplines within the company, the corporate culture and the physical realities on the ground. Working together, we can move from plan, to implementation, to success.”
   - Lee Connellee, CEO

We are strategists and creative thinkers.

We help you go beyond your current state to a new level of Innovation and Creative Thinking. We help answer the question CEO’s and their leadership teams are asking: How do we innovate within our organization? Innovation and Creative Thinking are the buzzwords spoken in offices around the world – but bringing these qualities into an organization can be a daunting task. The MLC Group has developed a framework that blends the “Art of Creative Thinking” into the culture and business processes of organizations, making it a part of their DNA.

“Left brain analytics are the normal day-to-day tools that most employees use and are comfortable with. Can you imagine the explosive opportunities for a business if the entire team adds 50% capacity to the way they think?”
   - Melanie Connellee, President 

We are problem seekers.

Sometimes the problem isn’t really the problem, it’s the symptom of a greater issue. To diagnose the real problem takes a comprehensive analysis of the breakdowns in operations and systems across an organization or division. Using our proprietary VSE Process, we are able to define the real issue, and then develop effective and achievable solutions.

We are innovative strategists and implementers.

Knowing where you want to go is only part of the solution. Once you have a destination, you need to find the best route to get there. And, sometimes, the best route isn’t the most direct route. As creative thinkers, the members of the MLC group are accustomed to finding solutions not considered by others. We not only help you plan the route your business needs to take on its way to success, we also work with you to make sure your solutions are implemented.

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Lee's innovative thinking has led to constructive ways of solving a variety of day to day problems...

Len Witke, AIA, NCARBDirector, Cabarrus County School District

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