Lee Connellee

Lee Connellee – CEO

For more than 25 years, Lee Connellee has been bringing process improvements that increase corporate return on investment to organizations around the globe. As the MLC Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Lee is a strategic thinker with extensive experience leading multi-disciplinary teams in global business planning and operations initiatives, and change management.

Before branching out on his own as a highly sought after consultant, Lee worked with Kellogg Brown & Root, 3D International and the Benham Group, serving clients such as Exxon, Shell Oil, BP, US Department of Defense, Ciba-Geigy, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and DuPont. He also served as a director at Plexus Corporation, an international electronics manufacturer, where he led the development of global operations policy and strategic initiatives.

Lee co-founded MLC to help organizations create high-performance environments. He partners with executive leadership to engage their people in effective and sustainable processes leading to measurable performance improvement and increased corporate value. He developed the VSE ProcessTM as a tool to facilitate team planning and problem solving, a framework for understanding and analyzing data, and the development and implementation of effective solutions.

As a consultant, Lee developed a process improvement plan for US border security after 9-11. He also led the Justice Group for the Department of Homeland Security in systems development and operations training for public assistance and mitigation in Louisiana after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

After bringing his expertise to companies and governments in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America, Lee returned to focus on Charlotte. In addition to his work for MLC, Lee is involved in helping the homeless and working with his church’s mission groups. An enthusiastic amateur chef, Lee enjoys cooking and serving meals at the Harvest Center and Salvation Army shelters. As a member of the Church at Charlotte, Lee is active in missions in China, where he is helping the poor and victims of recent earthquakes.

Lee graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. He lives with his wife and business partner, Melanie Connellee, and their two daughters. An avid outdoorsman who enjoys hiking and cycling, Lee also enjoys painting and drawing.

“In my travels, I’ve visited five of the seven continents. I’ve learned to study different cultures, both social and corporate, to find the most effective ways to work within them.”

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